My Texas Trip

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have heard that I was in Texas.  I spent the last two and a half weeks there at a horse training clinic on the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch.

It has always been a dream of mine to become a famous horse trainer and train horses for a living.  Growing up on a small beef farm where finances were sometimes very tight didn’t equate to many riding lessons bought.  I started my love of horses and riding career at the age of 4 when my aunt got her first horse (she was 15).  I was only able to ride when she was around and had the time to throw me up on the back of her palomino gelding.  She soon got two more horses and I started taking lessons from her at the age of 7 in exchange for helping her with various chores.

After a few years hiatus, I found another instructor to take lessons from.  Soon after that, I got my first horse at age 14.  I loved her to death, but it just seemed like her and I never clicked until I was 17 and had gotten my first job at a horse farm.  At this horse farm I had to learn the Method before I even got to ride their horses.  The Method is a series training exercises used by Clinton Anderson.  I had watched many trainers work horses, but nothing seemed to get into their heads like his Method did.  It was at that point that i knew i wanted to train like him.

As the years progressed, I watched all his DVDs and learned as much as I possibly could.  I became a no Worries Club member and learned about his clinics and the Academy.  The Academy is set up like a schooling program to teach you how to train horses and teach people about the Method.  I knew I had to go through this program no matter what it took.

Last spring, I decided that I would complete the semester at college and not go back but focus all my efforts on going to the Academy.  I told my boss about this and he told me that his wife was getting transferred to Arlington, Texas for her job and they would be moving to Weatherford that summer.  Their new house was 45 minutes from Clinton’s ranch where he held the clinics and the Academy!  As soon as I could, I booked a spot in the Fundamentals clinic for May of 2016.

Which leads to now.  I just got home yesterday after experiencing the best thing that has ever happened to me.  This clinic was a lot of hard work with long hot days and blistered hands, but it was so worth the effort.  I have learned so much in 10 days than I would’ve just watching his DVDs.

This trip solidified my NEED to go through the Academy and become a Certified Ambassador.  I’m already planning my trip to the Academy for next year and I cannot wait to be back in the Disneyland for horse trainers (as Clinton calls his ranch).  I WILL SUCCEED.  I WILL PREVAIL.  I WILL become an Ambassador. Even if it kills me.

Below are various pictures of my horse Peppy and I as we concurred the obstacle course and did lots and lots of riding.

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