July Wrap Up (2016)

I’m pretty proud of myself this month for finishing as many books as I did.  I’m not going to go into too much detail with these books as I am going to post reviews for some of them.

1) Unite Me by: Tahereh Mafi 5/5 Stars

  • This little collection of stories from the Shatter Me series was my first read of July.  I ended up liking it a lot and loved that we got to see a bit more through Adam and Warner’s perspective.

2-6) Saga Volumes 1-5 by: Brian K. Vaughan 5/5 Stars

  • This graphic novel series is amazing! I literally flew through these books in about 2 days.  Stay tuned for a full review on them as i need to get all my thoughts out about them.  If you like Sci-fi and heart pounding reads then this series is for you.  I would also recommend that only an older audience read thus as there is a bunch of mature content.

7) The 100 by: Kass Morgan 4/5 Stars

  • I was recommended the TV show based on these books by a friend.  I watched the first few episodes, but when I found out that there was a book series I stopped watching the show to read the books first.  I loved getting to read from many of the character’s perspectives.  Most books only have 1-2 perspectives, but this book had 4!  Sci-fi fans of Beth Revis’s Across the Universe trilogy would love this series.  I do have to say, just from reading this one book, the books are way better than the TV show.  I’m not bashing the TV show, but i find the books to be way more detailed and pretty much everything in the first book is covered in the first episode making me feel that the TV show is probably a lot of stuff directors added later on.

8) Day 21 by: Kass Morgan 4/5 Stars

  • This is the second book in The 100 series.  Things really start picking up in this book as the 100 find that they are not the only ones on Earth.  I don’t want to say too much as I don’t want to give away the series for those of you that have not read it yet.

9) Homecoming by: Kass Morgan 4/5 Stars

  • This is the third book in The 100 series.  Again, this is another action packed book with lots of heart-pounding moments.  I recently found out that Kass Morgan is writing another book in this series that comes out later this year, so this is not the official conclusion.  I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book and see what happens next for these characters.

10) Zenith by: Sasha Alsberg, Lindsay Cummings 4/5 Stars

  • Sasha Alsberg is one of the many Youtubers that I follow on a daily basis.  I love watching her videos and getting book recommendations from her.  When I found out she was writing a book I knew I had to read it.  Even though this was just a small portion of the book, I loved how much action and character development was already in play.  I haven’t yet read anything of Lindsay Cummings, but after reading this I definitely want to give her books a try.

11) Nerve by: Jeanne Ryan 3.5/5 Stars

  • With the release of the movie Nerve, I decided to read the book before I went to see it.  I was kind of disappointed in the book.  I didn’t really much care for the storyline.  I’ll leave the rest of my thoughts to my review, but I do hope the movie was better.

So that wraps up all the books that I read in July.  I’m really hoping that I can read a lot more next month as I have a long vacation and a bit more time on my hands.

What did you guys read in the month of July?


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