October Wrap Up (2016)

So much for that crazy tbr I had planned.  I only got to a few books this month, granted most of them were over 450 pages each.

1) Dust and Decay by: Jonathan Maberry

This is the book is the sequel to Rot and Ruin.  Without giving too much away from the first book, I will say that this book made me cry so hard.  I also got to see the characters grow and learn that they were not living in the kind of world they thought they were.

2) Flesh and Bone by: Jonathan Maberry

With this being the third book in the Rot and Ruin series, again, I don’t want to say too much due to spoilers, but grief plays a major role in this book as something tragic happened in the last book.  I do wish it talked a bit more about it, like the characters would think or reflect on it more.  But I do know the author did a great job writing on a topic like that as unfortunately he was also dealing with grief while writing this book.

3) Fire and Ash by: Jonathan Maberry

This is the conclusion to the Rot and Ruin series, so again, I don’t want to give away spoilers.  This series was great.  I loved every moment of getting to see these characters grow and learn from their experiences.  I hate that I’m leaving this world, but the ending really summed up everything for me and made me wish that I got to stay with Benny, Nix, Chong, Lilah, and Morgie just a little longer.

Even though I read a measly three books this month I’m glad it was these three.  They have been on my shelf for such a long time and these deserved to be read this month.  If you have not yet read this series, I highly recommend it.  If you love the Walking Dead or World War Z, these books are for you.  I’m hoping that next month I will be able to get more reading done as I do have a long road trip to get to Yallfest 😉


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