Crooked Kingdom Review (Spoiler Free)

While this review does not contain spoilers for said book, it does contain spoilers for the first book in the series.  Please read the first book before you read this review to avoid spoilers.  My review for Six of Crows can be read here.

It’s over…It’s really over.  I can’t believe I’m done with this series.  Man, I wish it was a trilogy that way I would’ve gotten at least one more book with these characters.  Every emotion is flowing through me as I write this.  I loved this book with all my heart, but it chewed me up and spit me back out.

The heist was a success.  Upon returning to Ketterdam, Kaz and his crew of misfits are double crossed by the man who hired them.  People of power start flocking to Ketterdam to try to uncover the secrets of the deadly drug, jurda parem.  Secrets are uncovered, loyalties tested, revenge plotted.  A battle is destined to come the dark streets of the port city-one so crucial it will decide the fate of the Grisha world as they know it.

The further character development in the book was amazing!  We finally see deeper and deeper into Kaz’s mind, and it’s a dark, sad place.  I really feel for this poor boy and all the struggles he had to go through as a young boy.  I desperately want to hug him and reassure him that everything will be alright.  There are also a few new characters introduced (two in particular that are not as new as they seem ;)).  I literally was squealing when I found out who the one character was! (Sorry I can’t say much more to avoid spoilers)  The ending, the bloody ending!  I was a wreck for days, I repeat, DAYS!  Not only was I a blubbering mess, but also I was happy for those who found solace after the crazy events.  I am praying that Leigh writes more in this world, and not just the legends.  I desperately need more from these characters after an ending like that.  There are so many loose ends that another series is entirely possible if she so wishes to write one.

Overall, I loved this book so freaking much!  I highly, highly recommend this series to anyone looking for a new fantasy read.  It is possible to read these books first, but to get the full effect I would recommend reading the Grisha trilogy first (the world is better explained there and the events of this series happen after the events in the previous one).  In my opinion, it fits better if you read it in that order.

I gave this book 5/5 Stars on Goodreads.


Six of Crows Review (Spoiler Free)

It’s official; I have found my next favorite book ever!  Leigh Bardugo has done it again with such an amazing piece of literature.  I absolutely loved her Grisha trilogy and I know for a fact that this one will be the same.

Set in the same world as her first series, Six of Crows follows a rag-tag team of six characters, based in Ketterdam, as they try to put aside their differences and band together to attempt one of the most dangerous heists in history.  We get to see from each of the six character’s perspective as they tackle one stack after another together.  I don’t want to say too much more and give away the storyline.

I loved getting to jump back into the Grisha world, but in a new area of said world.  The Grisha world has to be one of my favorite fantasy worlds due to its depth and detail.  The cast of characters is also so diverse in their walks of life and have such different backgrounds.  Leigh makes it look so easy to get all of these distinctly different characters to come together and work toward this heist.  Even their background stories mesh so well and show you how the character got to that point in their life.  It’s also nice that we don’t find out everything about the characters right away but rather in bits and pieces as the story goes on.

Overall, this book was absolutely amazing!  I highly recommend this to anyone that is looking to pick up a new book.  While I do miss the characters from the other books greatly, I love getting to learn about new ones.  I seriously need the next book right now!

I gave this book 5/5 Stars on Goodreads.

Febuary Book Haul (2017)

I cannot believe how many books I have to share with you guys!  So much for the book buying curb that I had put on myself.  A lot of these books were preorders or I was gifted them.  Do to the immensity of this list I am going to try to keep things short and sweet, but if you would like to know more about these books keep an eye out for my reviews on them.

1) Carve the Mark by: Veronica Roth

This was one of my most anticipated releases of 2017.  I had it preordered for a couple of months.  I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on this book, but I can’t wait to read it and form my own opinion on it.

2) The Shimmering Road by: Hester Young

I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway, and I don’t know too much about it other than it is an Adult Thriller.

3) King’s Cage by: Victoria Aveyard

This is yet another one of my most anticipated releases of 2017.  I read Red Queen and Glass Sword around this time last year and I’m super pumped to be able to read this one!  I might actually wait until the final book is out and read the whole series at once.

4) Fairest of All: Tale of the Wicked Queen by: Serena Valentino

I got this book in a Valentine’s Day themed book swap.  I do already have the Beauty and the Beast and Maleficent books that are similar to this one.  One of these days I need to read all the Disney books that I have stacking up on my shelves.

5) A Conjuring of Light by: V.E. Schwab

I have heard so many great things about this series!!  I need to get to reading it now that I have all three books!

6) The Last of August by: Brittany Cavallaro

This is the second book in the Charlotte Homes series.  If you know me, I love all things Sherlock Holmes!  Anything Sherlock is great in my book, especially imaginative remakes.

7) Wintersong by: S. Jae-Jones

I honestly don’t know anything about this book other than it was a total cover buy for me.  I mean look at that cover!!

8) Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them by: J.K. Rowling

You have no idea how excited I was when I heard this book was coming out.  I was extremely disappointed in The Cursed Child and do not consider it cannon.  On the contrary, people have been raving about this book.  I seriously cannot wait to see what all the hype is about!

9) Unspoken by:Sarah Rees Brennan

This is yet another boo that I received in the swap that I did.  I haven’t gotten a chance to read the synopsis, but I have heard some mixed reviews so I’m not sure when I’ll be getting to it.

10) Love and First Sight by: Josh Sundquist

While I was perusing the shelves at Target I happened upon this beauty and opened it up to read the synopsis.  This book sounds like such a cute contemporary about a boy who can’t see and trying to navigate through life and learning that people aren’t always what they seem.  I definitely am going to save this book until the warm summer months, but I knew I had to at least have it in my collection at present.

11) Roseblood by: A.G. Howard

OMG!!! A Phantom of the Opera retelling!!  AHHHH!! I fell in love with the musical as soon as I saw it in middle school and knew I had to have this book.  I was so happy that Owlcrate featured it in their January box.  I’m only adding it to this haul because I didn’t do one for January.

12) Wires and Nerve by: Marissa Meyer

One of my most favorite series continues in this spinoff comic.  I loved the Lunar Chronicles with all my heart and I am super pumped to read more about Iko and her adventures after the events in Winter.

13) Nowhere But Here by: Katie McGarry

I don’t know too much about this book other than there is a motorcycle gang and a bad boy.  If that doesn’t sell the book I don’t know what will!  I think I’m gonna save this book to read during the summer when I can sip some lemonade and lay out in the sunshine.

14) How To Hang a Witch by: Adriana Mather

My inner history nerd came out as soon as I found out this book was being published.  I love all things history and when authors use it in their books.  I’ve always found the Salem Witch Trials to be a very interesting point in history and reading about it is one of my favorite things to do.  One of these days I really want to go to Salem, Massachusetts and see the historical site for myself.

15) What Light by: Jay Asher

This book sounds so cute!!  A girl and her family grow christmas trees that they then move to California to sell the month before Christmas.  She almost leads a double life and falls for a boy during that month she is away.  This sounds like such a heartwarming read!  I’ve heard many great things about Jay Asher, but I’ve never had the chance to read anything by him yet.  While Christmas is a long way off, I may save this book until then as it doesn’t quite feel right to read during the spring or summer.

16) Caraval by: Stephanie Garber

Yes, I do have 3 copies of Caraval, and,no, I am not ashamed!  This book was one of my most anticipated releases this year.  When I found out that the UK version would have a beautiful cover under the dust jacket I knew I needed to get at least one of them.  I preordered it about a month in advance, but I ended up getting sent another one on accident.  I was able to snag the clock and the tent designs.  And then in my Owlcrate I got the US version!  This is the most copies of one book that I own!

Phew!  If you made it this far, thank you for sticking with me!  I cannot believe I got that many books in one month!  I really need to curb my spending a bit.  What books did you guys get ;ast month?  Let me know in the comments!

February Wrap Up (2017)

This slump has got me so frustrated!  I am happy that I actually read one more book than I have in previous months, but I wish that I could get back to reading like I used to.  I really hope I didn’t push myself to read so much last year that I burned myself out.  Work has really had me busy, which doesn’t leave much time for reading, but I love filling my days with horse related jobs(hence the horse in the photo).  The four books I did actually read this month were really, really good.

1) Passenger by: Alexandra Bracken 5/5 Stars

The moment this book hit shelves I knew I had to read it!  But of course, with me being a weirdo when it comes to starting unfinished series I put it off until this month.  I loved this book so much!  I do wish there was a little bit more time traveling, but what was in the story was perfect for how the plot was set up.  I also had a bit of an issue with Etta and Nicholas’s relationship as it felt very rushed and almost forced.  Other than that This book was great and I cannot wait to pick up the next one!

2) The Valiant by: Lesley Livingston 4/5 Stars

If you are looking for a book with a very strong, independent female character, look no further!  Fallon is a trained warrior as are most of the people in her clan.  I do feel like this book slowed down a bit in the middle and dragged which is why I only gave it 4 stars.  I was so happy that I was able to get this book while at Yallfest.  It was kind of on accident and if you want to hear the whole story look for my review on this book.

3) A Madness So Discreet by: Mindy McGinnis 4/5 Stars

This month Owlcrate was having a read-a-thon to give everyone an excuse to read the books that they had received in their boxes.  This was the first book I had ever gotten from Owlcrate and I decided to read it and try to take part in the read-a-thon.  I genuinely liked this book, but there were a few parts that made me scratch my head and wonder what was going on.  Nonetheless, it was a very interesting read.

4) The Art of Not Breathing by: Sarah Alexander 3.75/5 Stars

I originally picked this book up because of the title.  I struggle with panic attacks and my breathing sucks because of them.  It wasn’t until I actually started this book that I realized that it takes place in Scotland (Outlander fiend here!).  This book had a very interesting concept, but I had a few issues with characters and relationships between them, hence the lower rating.  I’ll definitely go into more detail in my upcoming review of this book.

While I was actually able to read ONE more book than I have in previous months, I’m still a little ticked off about this slump.  Hopefully it’ll be over soon!