10 Bookish Resolutions

I know it’s a bit past January, but it is still early on in the year so I’ve been thinking of my reading goals and resolutions for this year.  I have a bunch of things I want to accomplish bookish wise this year.  So without further a do, here are my bookish goals for 2018.

1) 75 Books

Every year I try to set a reading goal and I strive to read that many books in that year.  Two years ago I set my goal to 60 and passed that goal to read 65 books.  So last year I set my goal at 75 books, but I fell way short of that goal due to a massive reading slump.  This year I plan on kicking that reading slump in the teeth and blasting this reading goal out of the water!

2) At Least 2-3 Blog Posts Per Week

I really want to get to posting on my blog more often.  I love being able to talk about books with y’all, and I love how amazing and supportive the book blogging community is.  Ever since getting into this two years ago I’ve loved getting to be a part of new things and see my blog grow to what it is today.  I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for me and my blog so I better get on a better posting schedule.

3) Finish Book Series

I have this nasty habit of reading the first few books of a series and not reading the last one.  Whether it just be from my disappointment of the second book slump or the fact that I don’t want to leave that world, I just have a hard time finishing series(I still have not read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  That series will never end for me! lol.).  This year I plan on cracking down and finishing the 3-4 series that I can think of.  And if I start any more series this year I will finish them no matter what.  I’m kinda sick of looking at my shelves and seeing all these series I haven’t finished.

4) Outline 2 Books

For years I have had tons of book ideas that have stuck with me and grow from time to time when I’m doing mindless work and my brain wanders into those worlds.  I currently have eight separate playlists on my phone for music that I would listen to while writing books.  My goal this year is to get at least 2 of those books outlined and possibly get a few drafts written.  I honestly have no idea if this will happen, but I’ve always wanted to write a book or two and I can’t if I don’t ever start.  I used to write so much in high school and I desperately miss it so I’m hoping that this year I can dive back into writing and get my creative juices flowing again.

5) Post on Instagram 4+ Times A Week

I’ve had my bookstagram up and going for about 2 1/2 years now, but since my big reading slump I just haven’t had any motivation to post.  I guess since I wasn’t reading as much I felt like I didn’t have much to talk about and post there.  But this year, even if I don’t post every day, I would like to post a bit more regularly than I do now.  My bookstagram helped me make so many bookish friends and I want to make even more this year!

6) Take More Bookish Pictures

This kinda goes right along with my last goal.  Not only do I have and Instagram that I have to take pictures for, but I have my blog where I also have to have pictures up.  I’ve seen a lot of blogs where people post some graphic that they made, but I really want to put my knowledge of photography and my love of books together so I can post my own pictures on my blog.  And to do so I need to take more bookish photos.

7) Read 50 Pages Per Day

This does not seem like it would be too hard for an avid reader to do, but with working two jobs and getting distracted by social media and having a social life it is so hard to read even this little amount of pages daily.  I used to be able to read 100 pages and not bat an eye, but that was before I had a boyfriend that wanted to go do things and more of my own horses.  I have a few plans to keep this goal going I just have to put them in play first lol.

8) Read More Trilogies

Last year I went through my selves and reorganized my trilogies and found that I have a staggering amount that I haven’t read yet.  I’m one of those readers that loves to binge a series all at once so I end up collecting the books and not reading them until the whole series is out.  But by the time all the books are out I’m either reading some other series or book so I end up leaving the series unread and shaming myself for it.  This year, between reading some review copies, I would really like to tackle some of my trilogies so I don’t feel as bad when looking at my shelf.

9) Read More Thought Provoking Books

Being a Ravenclaw, I love to learn and stretch my thinking anytime that I possibly can.  This year I would like to read more books that make me stop and think about things and put things into perspective.  I’ve even bought a few memoirs to read to help me with this goal.

10) Get 5,000 Visitors to my blog

At the end of December I had just over 800 visitors to my blog that whole year.  I think that’s pretty good for rarely posting and going through a massive reading slump.  This year with posting regularly and growing my following I would love to get at least 5,000 views to my blog this year.  Not only will that mean more amazing opportunities for my blog, but I also get to talk to even more book lovers such as myself!

I am so excited for this year that I can barely contain it!!  While I tried not to set goals that were too high due to what happened last year, I set quite a few reasonable goals that I cannot wait to accomplish.  Heres to 2018 and all of the exciting bookish things to come! 🙂


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