Books That Will Help You Ignore Your Family This Holiday Season

It’s finally Christmas Day, and you’ve just received a large stack of books or gift cards that you immediately use to purchase some ebooks. All you want to do is find a cozy spot to hunker down for a long reading session, but you have to mingle with family. And we all have those family members that we would just love to ignore. Here are some books that are so good that they will help you ignore your family.

1) Illuminae by: Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

To get this list started off is a book that I actually ended up completeing on Christmas Day the year it came out. This sci-fi book got me in its grips and I COULD NOT put it down!  This book follows a group of people spread between two spaceships on the run from an evil group that wants to kill them. Not only are they being chased through deep space, but things also start happening on the retreating ships that could cost thousands of lives. This book is written in such a unique format as well that even though this book is big enough to clobber a person, you will fly through it in a matter of a few hours. Heck you might even finish it before Christmas dinner!

2) Sawkill Girls by: Claire Legrand

I knew right from the synopsis of this book that I would get hooked. It has a lot of elements that are similar to The Scorpio Races which is another one of my favorite . Many girls have gone missing and there is a wicked, dark presence on Sawkill Island that is getting stronger and stronger by the day. It’s up to three very unlikely girls to figure out what happen to the girls and stop this evil force with a little help from the island of course. This book had me on the very edge of my seat from start to finish as I needed to know what was going to happen next.

3) Warcross/Wildcard by: Marie Lu

If you are a fan of Marie Lu then you may have already heard about or even read these books. This duology only took me about a day to read altogether. As a recreational video gamer I loved reading about a virtual reality style game that could even be a possibility sometime in the future. We follow Emika Chen as she accidentally glitches herself into one of the most prestigious tournaments in the game Warcross. As the events unfold from there things and people aren’t as the seam in the real and virtual worlds. If you like gaming or action packed reads these books are definitely for you!

4) Lady Midnight by: Cassandra Clare

I killed a man with this book. Not really but you could with this hulking tome. I have been a fan of Clare’s writing since the first three books of the Mortal Instruments series were released, and I love being able to follow this world and see all the many characters and how their stories intertwine. I do tend to take my time when reading any of Clare’s books, but it still only took me about a day altogether to complete. There were so many twists and turns in this book that I’m sure I suffered from whiplash after turning the last page. If you have read and liked any of Cassie’s other books then you desperately need to pick up this one!

5) These Rebel Waves by: Sara Raasch

Get swept away on the high seas into a world where plants have magical properties and religion reigns over the use of that magic. This book will have you wanting to know more of what is happening to the swashbuckler characters and how they try to overcome years of prejudice against the magic and the people that use it.

6) The Thousandth Floor by: Katherine McGee

I honestly never thought I would ever pick up a book like this, but to this day I am so glad I did. To me, this book reads a lot like a soap opera would in the way that there are multiple story lines and so much drama happening. We get to read in multiple points of view as the story weaves itself together.  As events start to unfold, the harder and harder it gets to be able to put this book down.

It can sometimes be a pain to deal with family during the holiday season, especially if you are a book loving introvert.  Use your Christmas money to get some books that will help you ignore your relatives this holiday season.

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