July Book Haul ’18

Books! Books! BOOKS!  Holy crud this is a lot of books!  This may be one of the biggest book hauls that I have done on my blog to date.  I totally blame my two vacations last month and all the amazing book traders on twitter.  I’m not sure if I’ll go into much detail about each and every book as I don’t want to bore y’all to death with my rambling, but I will lump some that I got at the same time together.

1+2) The Tower Treasure & The House on the Cliff by: Franklin W. Dixon

These two books I got while on vacation with my family in the Adirondacks.  I have heard a ton about the Hardy Boys, but I always read more Nancy Drew because I never had access to any of these books.  Now, years later, I figured I would at least get and read the first few books in this series.

3) Grace and Fury by: Tracy Banghart

This beautiful book came in my July Fairyloot.  I think it is an exclusive edition, but it could also be just the UK edition.  I can’t remember lol.  Either way, it will look gorgeous on my shelf.

4) The Girl King by: Mimi Yu

I was so excited to be able to trade for this book.  I have heard bits and pieces about this book here and there, and it just makes me all that more excited that I can read it now.  Y’all can definitely expect a review later on this year.

5+6) Blood Rose Rebellion by: Rosalyn Eves and The Lovely Reckless by: Kami Garcia

I purchased both of these books just because I had my eye on them for a long while and they were ridiculously cheap at the time.  You can’t beat a couple of dollars for a hardcover!

7+8) What If It’s Us by: Beck Albertalli and Adam Silvera and Pride by: Ibi Zoboi

I got both of these ARCs when I attended Epic Reads Day in New York City with my boyfriend.  I freaked out when I found out I got them because I didn’t expect to get anything at this event.  If someone from Penguin ever reads this, thank you so much for that amazing event!

9-11) Queens of Fennbirn by: Kendare Blake, Sea Witch by: Sarah Henning, and American Street by: Ibi Zoboi

These are some of the finished copies that I got at Epic Reads Day.  I did get a couple more, but as I already have those books I didn’t count them in this list.  While I was there I was able to get all of these books signed and personalized!

12-15) A Hero for Wandla by: Toni DiTerlizzi, Saga Vol. 8 by: Brian K. Vaughan, Far From the Tree by: Robin Benway, and The Traitor’s Ruin by: Erin Beaty

While in New York City, we got to go to Books of Wonder and The Strand.  These are a few of the books that I got from both of those book stores.  If you ever get the chance to go to New York City, I highly recommend that you visit at least one of these book stores if you can.

16+17) The Bronze Key and The Silver Mask by: Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

I couldn’t pass up the chance to get these two signed copies that they had at Books of Wonder.  They are only signed by Holly Black, but at least now I have all of the books that are currently out in this series.

18) Contagion by: Erin Bowman

I got an ARC of this book way back when, but I knew I had to at least get a finished copy to help support one of my favorite authors ever!  I loved this book so much!  Keep you eyes peeled for my review!

19) Tiger’s Curse by: Colleen Houck

I now have four copies of this book.  It’s definitely not one of my favorite books of all time.  I now have this copy along with the ARC, hardcover, and paperback.  This book was actually her self published copy before she got the deal with Splinter to print the rest of her series.  I really would like to also get her self published copy of Tiger’s Quest, but all the copies I’ve found are outrageously expensive.

20) When We Caught Fire by: Anna Godbersen

While at Epic Reads Day, one of the girls that worked there said she was excited to read this book.  I had never heard of it up until that point, so when I had a spare moment I quickly looked it up.  The synopsis drew me right in; late 1800s, Chicago fire.  I knew I just had to see if I could get a copy!

And we’ve finally come to the end of the list!  I hope I didn’t bore you too much.  I know I got a ton of books this month, but due to my tiny budget coming into play again I may not have a list this big for a while.


June Book Haul ’18

This is arguably the best book haul that I have had to date!  I cut back a lot on my book buying last month which saved my wallet a bunch of money, but made me able to preorder a lot of books that come out this fall/winter.  All but three books that I got in subscription boxes were books that I got in trade.

1) A Thousand Perfect Notes by: C.G. Drews

I’ve been following Drews’ blog for a couple of years now and absolutely love her content.  When I found out that she was going to be getting a book published I knew that I had to get it!  But with my book buying ban I knew it was going to be a little bit until I could actually get a copy for myself, until I opened my Illumicrate box and saw this glorious book inside! This edition has beautiful red stained pages which makes it that much better!

2) Light Years by: Kass Morgan

A couple of years ago, around this time, I read The 100 series by Morgan and absolutely loved it.  I’m a big fan of space which made me excited to find out that she was writing another book set there.  This was the ARC that came with my Illumicrate box, and was such a wonderful surprise to receive.

3) The Lantern’s Ember by: Colleen Houck

I have been a HUGE fan of Colleen Houck ever since the release of Tiger’s Curse.  Since then I have followed her devoutly and loved every single book that she has put out since then.  When I first heard of this book last year, I almost could not contain my joy (I’m currently still freaking out lol) that there was going to be another book by her and this time a standalone!  Everything about this book just screams autumn which is my favorite time of the year!  I cannot wait to curl up with this book in a large, comfy sweater, sip hot chocolate, burn a pumpkin scented candle, and watch the leaves fall outside my window!

4) Escaping From Houdini by: Kerri Maniscalco

Last year I got the opportunity to meet Kerri while at BookCon and get a copy of Hunting Prince Dracula signed by her.  I had known about her books at that time, but had never read them before.  Flash back to now, and I have read and loved both of her books and am ecstatic now that I have a copy of the third book!  I cannot wait to dive into this book and see what she has in store for the characters!  Plus this ARC will complete my collection at least until I can get my hands on the finished copy of this book.

5) From Twinkle, With Love by: Sandhya Menon

I got this book in my Owlcrate box for the month of June.  I don’t know much about this book other than the main character likes filmmaking.  I still have yet to even read When Dimple Met Rishi, but I’m hoping to get to both of those books soon.  And the Owlcrate exclusive cover is just stunning!

6) Broken Things by: Lauren Oliver

I’ve read a couple of other books by Lauren in years past, and I liked them, but I wasn’t in love with them.  But when I heard of the premise of this new book I knew I had to get my hands on a copy if possible!  This mystery/thriller is gonna be such a fun read as summer winds down into fall.  And I’m really hoping that I love this one.

7) Once A King by: Erin Summerill

I still have yet to read any books by Erin Summerill, but I was able to snag this book in a trade.  I don’t really want to read anything about this book until I finish the others that are set in this world.  Good thing is I have until December to read the other books and this one!

8) Wildcard by: Marie Lu

KDLFVLUYEGSDVHO!!!  AAAHHHHH!!!  It’s actually here in my hands right now!  I feel like the luckiest person in the world right now.  I read Warcross last year after just about fighting tooth and nail to get it at BookCon.  The wait for this book was brutal!  I’m at a loss for words now that I have this arc to read and complete my collection of Marie Lu books!

9) Grim Lovelies by: Megan Shepherd

This book I don’t know too much about, but I was able to get it in and amazing trade that I couldn’t pass up.  Not only did I get the book, but I got the whole package from the publisher including pins and a letter from one of the characters!  I think I’m gonna try to go into this book not knowing much about it.

I never expected to get even half of these books!  I was more than prepared to have to wait until their release date to even get my hands on them, but I have so happy and blessed that I have them to read now!  This end of summer and fall is going to be filled with so many amazing books!

What are some books that you got last month?

May Book Haul ’18

Sooooo, I may have gone a little overboard again on the whole book buying thing, but it is my birth month so I think it can be justified.  And what an amazing birth month book haul it is!

1) Legendary by: Stephanie Garber

I was not expecting to be able to hold this book in my hands earlier than the release date (which is my birthday by the way).  Anyways, I’m really interested in reading this book.  I read Caraval last year after some of the hype had died down.  I wasn’t overly thrilled with it, so I’m hoping that the sequel is better.

2) Sky In the Deep by: Adrienne Young

Yes, I already have an advance copy of this book, but I got the finished copy of this book in one of my PageHabit boxes.  It’s even annotated by the author!  It was so cool after having read this book to go back and read her thoughts on different scenes and character interactions.

3) The Reader by: Traci Chee

This book also came in my PageHabit box.  I honestly know little to nothing about it even though I’ve been seeing it everywhere.  I’ll definitely read it, but I’m not sure when that will be.

4) I Capture the Castle by: Dodie Smith

This is the third book that I got in my PageHabit box, and again, I know next to nothing about it.

5) Beyond A Darkened Shore by: Jessica Leake

I got this book in my May Owlcrate.  I don’t really know anything about this book, but I really like the cover.

6) The Surface Breaks by: Louise O’Neill

Ever since I was little I have love The Little Mermaid with all my heart.  I could probably recite the whole Disney movie for you, but I don’t think either of us have time for that lol.  When I heard about this book I knew I just had to get it.  I couldn’t pass up this beautiful covered retelling of The Little Mermaid.

7) Dance of Thieves by: Mary E. Pearson

Yes, I have yet to read the Remnant Chronicles, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get this book in a trade.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get to the other series before this book comes out, but I’ll definitely try to read this one!

8) Lifel1k3 by: Jay Kristoff

I have read the Illuminae Files co-written by Jay and absolutely loved it!  I have yet to read his Nevernight Chronicles series, but when I heard he had yet another book coming out I couldn’t pass up the chance to get it in a trade.  I really hope this sci-fi book is as good, if not better than his other series.

9) Sleep, Merel, Sleep by: Silke Stein

I received this book from the author to review it for her.  I’m really excited to read another middle grade book as I haven’t read one since last November.  You can count on my review for this book in the next month or so.

10) The Midnight Jewel by: Richelle Mead

I got this book from the publisher as I am taking part in a blog tour featuring this series.  I can let you know more details as the tour gets closer.

11) War Storm by: Victoria Aveyard

I read Red Queen a few years back and really liked it.  I really do dislike reading a series as it comes out because I was able to read the next book, but had forgotten most of what happened in the first book.  So I have not read past the second book, but I still do plan on reading through the whole entire series now that I have the last book.

12) The Strange & Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by: Leslye Walton

I have wanted a copy of this book for the longest time.  I’ve heard good things about it, but since I heard about it a bit after it had been published, I didn’t know if I could get a hardcover copy of it.  So I patiently waited for it to pop up in one of the book sale groups I’m in on Facebook, and, lo and behold, it popped up, so I got it.

13) Between Silk and Sand by: Marissa Doyle

This is another book that I got from an author for review.  I’m really excited to jump into this story as the premise sounds very gripping.

14) Onyx & Ivory by: Mindee Arnett

I got this book in my May Fairyloot box.  This is one that has stained pages that are only exclusive to Fairyloot.  They really know how to put together an amazing book box!

15) Furyborn by: Claire Legrand

I currently have 3 different ARCs of this book (UK ARC, Fairyloot exclusive ARC, and the US final cover ARC) that I got through giveaways and from the Fairyloot subscription box, obviously lol.  And even with having all these copies already, I really wanted to get the finished copy and support the author so I did.

16) From Twinkle, With Love by: Sandhya Menon

For the first time in about a year or so I won another Goodreads giveaway and was able to get an ARC of this book.  Granted it didn’t come before the book was already released, but it’s still really neat to be able to have an ARC of it.

17) Leah On the Offbeat by: Becky Albertalli

I just finished Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda not too long ago and wanted to continue with the series, so when my boyfriend took me to Barnes & Noble I just had to get it.

18) Emergency Contact by: Mary H.K. Choi

This is another book that I got while at Barnes & Noble.  It looks pretty interesting, and I’m interested to see how the college atmosphere is portrayed.

19) The Dazzling Heights by: Katherine McGee

I read the arc of this book last summer and absolutely loved it!  It wasn’t until recently I realized that I didn’t have a finished copy of this book.  Of course I had to change that lol.

20) Ash Princess by: Laura Sebastian

I loved this book!  After reading the arc I knew I had to have a finished copy to grace my shelves.

21) Undead Girl Gang by: Lily Anderson

I know little to nothing about this book.  I got it from Pagehabit and it’s annotated by the author.

This was such an amazing birth month book haul!  What books did you get in May?

April Book Haul ’18

I know this haul is way overdue, but things have been absolutely crazy these past few weeks, so please bear with me as I give you a onslaute of overdue posts.

Books, books, and more books!  I definitely tried to cut back on my book buying this month as I went a little crazy last month (sorry not sorry).  Without further ado, let’s get into the book haul!

1) Reflection by: Elizabeth Lim

I have loved the story of Mulan since I was a little girl and watched the Disney movie for the first time.  Since then I had been looking for a book version of the Mulan story to no avail.  When I saw that this series was going to include a Mulan retelling, I just had to get it.

2) Brightly Burning by: Alexa Donne

I got this ARC through a trade.  I don’t know much about it other than it is set in space.  I don’t know when I’m going to get to this book, but at least I have it if I ever need to satisfy my sci-fi kick.

3) Chemistry Lessons by: Meredith Goldstein

This is another ARC that I got through a trade.  Again, I don’t know much about it, but I’m hoping to get to it soon.

4) The Fates Divide by: Veronica Roth

Now that I finally have this book I can start the series.  I’ve heard a lot of mixed feelings on this series, and now I have the chance to read it and see what the talk is all about.  I really like to make my own opinions on books, especially when people seem to have mixed feelings on books.

5) The Case For Jamie by: Brittany Cavallaro

If you have been with me for a little while, then you know that I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan.  It has taken everything in me to not read this series until I had the last book in hand.  And know that I finally have it, I can’t wait to dive into this Sherlock reimagining.

6) Siege and Storm by: Leigh Bardugo

To finally complete my collection of the new covers of the Grisha trilogy, I bought this book.  Now I have 3 full sets of this series(paperback, original hardcovers, new cover hardcovers).  #sorrynotsorry

7) 9 Days and 9 Nights by: Katie Cotugno

I got this book through a trade.  I read 99 Days not too long ago and didn’t really care for it.  hopefully this book will be better, but we’ll see about that.

8) Love and Other Carniverous Plants by: Florence Gonsalves

I got this book from the lovely Kelly (@kbarina113 on Twitter).  I’m so excited to be able to dive into this book!

9) Once Upon a Dream by: Liz Braswell

I got this book because soon after getting Reflection, I realized that I did not have this book in the series.  I don’t know why I thought I did have it, but I had to get it to complete the series so far.

10) Ace of Shades by: Amanda Foody

This book came in my April Owlcrate.  I’d been hearing a lot of good things about this book, but I wasn’t quite sure if I was actually going to get it or not.  Well now I have an exclusive edition of it lol.

11) Dread Nation by: Justina Ireland

Back a little while ago, I got an email saying that I won a giveaway for a prize pack from PageHabit.  This is one of the books that came in that box.  I have heard some talk about this book, and it was possibly another one that I wasn’t sure if I was going to actually get or not.  I really like that it is historical fiction, but I’m not really sure about the zombie part.  I feel like zombies have been a tad overdone in recent years, yet I’m interested to see how this book is.  And as a huge bonus, this book is also annotated by the author!  This is the reason why I love PageHabit’s boxes because they come with an annotated copy of a book.

12) The Poet X by: Elizabeth Acevedo

This is the other book that I got in that prize pack.  I don’t know too much about this book, but it is written in prose which I love and it makes for a very fast read.  And, surprise, it’s also annotated by the author!

With summer fast approaching, I know that I’ll have a little bit more time to read, so hopefully I’ll be able to get to quite a few of these books that I just got.

March Book Haul ’18

So I may have gone a little bit crazy this month…  I can’t belive how many books I got.  It did not seem like a lot until I started getting all the books piled up for a picture.  It also didn’t help that I got a bit of money back in my tax return lol.

1-4) Tiger’s Curse Series by: Colleen Houck

This has got to be one of my favorite series ever!  I have a full set of the paperbacks and a full set of the ARCs, but I just couldn’t pass up getting a set of the hardcovers.  I read this series back in highschool just because I liked the look of the cover of the first book.  It was history from then on.  I had always wanted the series in hardcover, but couldn’t find them for less than $30 each so I settled for the paperbacks.  At the beginning of this month I looked on eBay for kicks and found the whole set for $30 and snatched them up!

5) Everlife by: Gena Showalter

This is the third and final book in the Everlife series.  Being my weird self I feel like I can now finally start this series because I have all the books in my possession now.  This is a series that I have been wanting to read for a while now, but I wanted to wait to start it until I at least had the last book in my hands.

6) My Plain Jane by: Cynthia Hand, Jodie Meadows, Brodi Ashton

I was so happy I was able to get this ARC through a trade!  I still have yet to read My Lady Jane, but I have heard that it is a very funny book, and I’m hoping that this book is similar in that way.

7+8) Heart of Iron by: Ashley Poston

I had preordered this book a long time ago.  So long ago that I forgot I had until it showed up on my doorstep.  And then later on in the month I got the same book in my Owlcrate, but with beautiful purple stained pages!!  I’m not sure if I’ll keep my other copy so there may be a giveaway for it popping up here soon.

9) The Bird and the Blade by: Megan Bannen

I really don’t know too much about this ARC.  I got it from the publisher and I think I just may go into it not knowing much if anything about it.  I’m hopefully going to try to squeeze this book in closer to its release date so keep an eye out for my review on it!

10) The Raven King by: Maggie Stiefvater

Yes, yes.  I know I already have a copy of this book but this one is a paperback.  Jk. Yes, it is a paperback, but it contains the 11,000 word Opal story.  That’s 11,000 more words set in the Raven Cycle world!  This book also came signed and with an Opal tarot card.  I may just have to have a reread of the entire series before I read the Opal story.  But honestly I’ll reread this series for no reason at all lol.

11) Blood and Sand by: C.V. Wyk

This book came in my March Illumicrate Box.  I know absolutely nothing about it whatsoever.  It has a pretty cover at least lol.

12) The Smoke Thieves by: Sally Green

I have had my eye on this ARC for a very long time, but just never could get a trade to go through nor was I able to get a copy from the publisher.  I had almost gotten to the point where I figured I would just have to wait to read the book until it came out and then Illumicrate came through!  I got this beautiful exclusive edition with purple stained pages in my March Illumicrate.  I’m so excited that now I can read this book plus the fact that I got such a pretty copy.

13) Restore Me by: Tahereh Mafi

When I heard that Tahereh was writing more books in the Shatter Me series I knew I just had to get them!  I read the series last year and really liked it.  I honestly cannot wait to see where the story goes and what is in store for the characters.

14) The Heart Forger by: Rin Chupeco

I have had The Bone Witch almost since it came out, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.  I got asked if I had read this series and if it was good, and of course I hadn’t so I quick rushed out to buy this book so I could read the series.  This series just sounds so good and I can’t wait to get to it!

15) The Last Star by: Rick Yancey

I’ve been slowly trying to collect this series in hardcover and now I finally have them all.  I’ve heard some very mixed things on this series, but next time I’m in the mood for a sci-fi read I’ll pick up these books and see for myself.

16) Children of Blood and Bone by: Tomi Adeyemi

I desperately wanted to get my hands on an early copy of this book, but I knew that I just wasn’t to the point where I could trade or even request it from the publisher so I had to begrudgingly wait for its release while a lot of people I know got to read it early.  Either way, I’m so happy that I have this book in my hands and can now see what all the hype is about.  Hannah (@aclockworkreader on Youtube) says that this book gives her Avatar: The Last Airbender vibes which makes me want to pick up this book even more!

17) Bungo Stray Dogs Vol. 5 by: Kafka Asagiri

It’s been a long while since I actually bought myself a manga.  This is a series that I have been slowly collecting as the books come out in English.  I watched the anime and absolutely fell in love with the characters and the storyline so I just had to start getting the manga as soon as they came out in English.  So far I’m not sure if all of season 1 has been covered in the manga, but if not it’s getting pretty close.

18) Obsidio by: Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman

OMG!!  This series is over!  I have the final book in my hands!  I’m practically crying knowing that it’s ending.  I absolutely fell in love with Illuminae and Gemina and I’m so excited to see where the story goes from there.  I really hope that Jay and Amie write more books together in the future because I don’t know if I could live without more books from these authors.

19) To Kill a Kingdom by: Alexandra Christo

I was so close to getting this book while at Yallfest last year, but the girl ahead of me grabbed the last copy of this book which made me mad, but I was able to get the other book that I had wanted.  Anyways, I’ve heard so many good things about this book that I need to read it!  I’m hoping to pick this book up during the summer.  Maybe I can read it while I’m sitting on the banks of the river I’m going camping near this summer :).

20) Ink, Iron and Glass by: Gwendolyn Clare

This was totally a cover buy.  I was at Barnes & Noble with my boyfriend and picked up this book purely because I thought the cover was pretty.  I know nothing about this book which is my favorite way to go into books.

21) The Last Namsara by: Kristen Ciccarelli

When I saw that Fairyloot had featured this book I got a little upset that it was one of the boxes that I had to miss due to finances and bills (screw being an adult!)  So this month when I got a little extra money I bought this book.  Not only does this book have a drop-dead gorgeous cover, but it’s filled to the brim with dragons and dragon slayers.  What more could a girl ask for?

22) The Final Six by: Alexandra Monir

I got this book in my March Bookish Box.  I don’t know much about this book other than the fact that it is sci-fi.  Again, I’m not sure if I’ll even read the synopsis of this book before I dive right in as I love starting books out like that.

23) Tiger’s Dream by: Colleen Houck

The Tiger’s Curse series was everything to me in high school and now it’s coming to an end.  I started this series back when I really started reading and fell in love with the characters and the Indian mythology and tigers.  The fourth book tore my heart to shreds.  Even as I write this my eyes are tearing up because of how that book ended.  I just knew that there had to be more to the story, that it couldn’t just end there.  When Colleen announced that she was writing this book I was so overjoyed.  I know that more tears will be shed, but I’m so happy that after all these years I will be able to step back into this world even if it is just for a little bit.

24) Bruja Born by: Zoraida Córdova

I got this book through a trade and do not know much about it other than it has witches in it and a spell gone wrong.  I would really like to read the first book in the series before I get to this one.  Hopefully I can get the other book and read both before this one actually comes out.

*Phew*  So many books!  I give you props for sticking around long enough to make it to this point.  I really need to go on a book buying ban and stay on it, but I don’t really see that happening at least in the near future.

Did you get any good books this past month?

February Book Haul ’18

Most girls buy clothes or shoes, but I stress buy books.  Oops!  When I found out that I couldn’t go to Texas like I had wanted this year I kinda went a little crazy on my book buying.  Yay for more books, but my already stretched budget is hating me with a passion right now.

1) Reign of the Fallen by: Sarah Glenn Marsh

Necromancers and zombie like creatures called Shades.  This book sounds like it is going to be very interesting to say the least!  Not to mention that the cover is also incredibly beautiful!

2) Shadow and Bone by: Leigh Bardugo

Yes I already own this book, but they came out with new gorgeous covers!  I couldn’t not get at least one.  Eventually I’ll get the other two, but for now this beauty will grace my Leigh Bardugo shelf.

3) Gunslinger Girl by: Lyndsay Ely

I had the opportunity to meet Lyndsay last year at Bookcon and get an ARC of this book signed by her.  While I have yet to actually read this book, I cannot wait to dive into it soon.

4) Everless by: Sarah Holland

I read an ARC of this book back in early January and absolutely loved it.  When I had a little extra cash I just had to get a hard cover copy of this book.

5) Wires and Nerve: Gone Rogue by: Marissa Meyer

I absolutely loved the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa so I just had to have the companion series as well.  I do own the first book, and again I still have to read it.  But at least I have the second book as well. 🙂

6+7) The Hazel Wood by: Melissa Albert

This is another book that I read an ARC of back in January, but I totally did not plan on getting two copies of this book.  The green copy came in my February Owlcrate and the blue and black one came in my February Fairyloot box.  Both are incredibly unique and look beautiful sitting on my shelf.

8) The Queen’s Rising by: Rebecca Ross

I don’t know much about this book as I received it in my February Bookish Box.  I don’t think I want to look up the synopsis and just go into this book blind.

9) Piper by: Jay Asher, Jessica Freeburg

I’ve seen a few people talk about this book recently and I’ve really been in the mood for a quick comic-type read so I picked it up.  I’ve heard many different versions of the Pied Piper and I cannot wait to read this one!

10) Shatter by: Aprilynne Pike

I bought the first book in this series about a year ago just because it takes place in a futuristic version of Versailles where they still wear 18th century style attire.  But there is a drug called Glitter that is lurking in the halls of the palace and Danica’s only way out.  For that last year or so I have been intrigued with historical fiction novels or ones that have historical elements.  This is a series that I need to sink my teeth into soon!!

11) Batman: Nightwalker by: Marie Lu

While I do have an ARC of this book, I found a signed copy at my local Barnes & Noble and I just had to snatch it up.  I’m really loving all of these DC Heroes books.  I can’t wait for the next few to come out as well!

12) The Empress by: S.J. Kincaid

I recently heard someone talk about this book and I rushed out to buy this book.  This is yet again the second book in a series that I have not read the first book.  Hopefully I can get to this series this year.  It sounds like and incredible action packed sci-fi.

13) The Edge of Everything by: Jeff Giles

I don’t know much about this book other than it has to do with bounty hunters.  I found this book at my local Barnes & Noble for about $5.  I couldn’t pass up a deal like that on a brand new hardcover.

14) Lair of Dreams by: Libba Bray

This is another book that I got for about $5 at Barnes & Noble.  I have the first book in this series, and now I just need to get the last book and I’ll have the whole series.  I am a little bummed that all of the books have different covers as the first one was gorgeous.

15) Contagion by: Erin Bowman

AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  This is my most anticipated book of the year and it is in my hands!!!  Ever since I read Vengeance Road and Retribution Rails by Erin I have been craving her next book.  When I saw that ARCs of this book were out in the wild I just knew I had to get my hands on a copy.  Through some amazing people and trades on Twitter I finally have a copy!!  I need to read this book soon!  I’m very interested to see how her writing style shifts from Westerns to sci-fi.

16) The Way the Light Bends by: Cordelia Jensen

Earlier on in the year I took a blogger survey and saw this book and added it to my Goodreads.  I didn’t think of it much after that day until I got an email from Penguin Teen asking if I wanted to review this book.  I totally jumped on the chance.  I cannot wait to review it for y’all!

17) Taken by: Erin Bowman

So stupid me didn’t realize that Erin had written some other books until about a month or so ago.  Now knowing this I just had to get them!  Yay for more Erin Bowman books!

18) Frozen by: Erin Bowman

This is the second book in the Taken series.  I still have yet to get the third one, but at least I have the first two to hold me over for a while.

Wow that was a lot of books!  And there are so many that I really can’t wait to get into!  Okay, I’m going back to reading now!!

January Book Haul ’18

I cannot belive that it is 2018 already!!  It seems like 2017 just started a few months ago.  With this start of the new year there are so many great books I am looking forward to getting and reading.  Here are the first few books that I got in the year 2018.

1) Tess of the Road by: Rachel Hartman

I have yet to read Serafina by this same author which is also set in the same world as this book, but I really wanted to get my hands on a copy of this book so I could read and review it for y’all.  I don’t know much about this book other than there are lots of dragons and you cannot go wrong with dragons!

2) Timekeeper by: Tara Sim

I honestly don’t know much about this book.  I know it’s set in an alternative London and there are aspects of time that pertain to the story.  But this book was a total cover buy for me.  It’s so shiny!!

3-6) The Cruel Prince by: Holly Black

I had no idea I would get this many copies of this book.  Oops!  I preordered the Barnes & Noble edition soon after I traded my ARC just so I would have a copy of the book.  Then this book came in my January Fairyloot and Owlcrate.  So now I have 3 strikingly beautiful editions of this amazing book!  #sorrynotsorry

7) The Cruelty by: Scott Bergstrom

I bought this book because I got an ARC of the second book in this series at Yallfest, but did not have the first one yet.  I’m hoping to read and review both of these books for y’all this year.

8) Night of Cake & Puppets by: Laini Taylor

This book is a companion novella to the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series.  Shame on me for not reading that series yet, but I want to so I can read this novella and look at all the beautiful illustrations!

9) These Rebel Waves  by: Sarah Raasch

I swear I hyperventilated when I got this book!  Sarah is one of my favorite authors, and I loved her Snow Like Ashes series so freaking much.  When I heard she had a new book coming out I just knew I had to get my hands on a copy of it!  There are pirates and adventures galore!  Y’all have no idea how badly I want to read this book lol.

10) Unearthed by: Amie Kaufman & Meagen Spooner

I got this book in my PageHabit box for the month of January.  The box was actually curated by Amie and Maegen so it came with an annotated copy of their book and two other books recommended by them.  I really loved the Starbound trilogy by them so I’m really hoping that I like this book as well.

11) The Cage by: Megan Shepherd

This book also came in mt PageHabit box.  In this book some people are taken to another planet and kept in a zoo like environment.  This book sounds really interesting!  I may pick it up soon as I really have want to read some good sci-fi books lately.

12) The Hazel Wood by: Melissa Albert

This book has been on my radar since I heard it was coming out last year.  I was so grateful that I was able to get an advanced copy of this book to read!  I really enjoyed this book, but it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.  My full review on this book will be posted in the next few days.

13) Thunderhead by: Neal Shusterman

For Christmas my lovely boyfriend got me Scythe and I also got a gift card to Barnes & Noble so I knew I just had to pick up a copy of the second book.  I cannot wait to get to this series!  I’ve heard so many people say really great things about these books and it has my super hyped to read them now.

14) The Radical Element edited by: Jessica Spotswood

I may have just gotten this book because one of my favorite authors has a short story in it.  But seriously though, this book is filled with stories from multiple different authors about BA females.  It’s just a plus that I get some more Old West writing from Erin Bowman :).

15) Furyborn by: Claire Legrand

HOLY CRAP!  I legit cannot believe I have this book in my hands right now!  I have been desperately wanting a copy of this book for the longest time and when I found out that it was in the December Fairyloot box, which I had to skip due to financial constraint, I was a little miffed.  But thanks to some amazing people on Twitter I ended up getting this book in a trade.  This book is massive!  I’m sure this is going to be another amazing fantasy novel that I am not going to want to put down.

This was an amazing start to the year book wise!  I got so many new books that I cannot wait to read, and there are still so many more that have yet to come out!  Here’s to hoping this continues to be an amazing book year for everyone!

December Book Haul ’17

I love the month of December because I get a lot of books for Christmas and I also use some of the money and gift cards I get to buy more books!

1) By Your Side by: Kasie West

I have heard a bunch about this book and I knew I just had to get it when I had a little extra money.  I would love to be locked in a library like the main character in this book!

2) Artemis by: Andy Weir

I got this book in one of my subscription boxes, and it has beautiful stained black pages!  I don’t know much about this book other than the fact that it takes place in space.  I read The Martian just over a year ago, and I loved it so I’m hoping that this book is somewhat similar.

3) The Dark Prophecy by: Rick Riordan

This is the second book in the Trials of Apollo series.  I have yet to read the first one, but that would never stop me from buying another book.

4) Ever the Brave by: Erin Summerill

This is the second book in an epic fantasy series called Clash of Kingdoms.  Again I have yet to read the first one, but am hoping to get to this series rather soon as I love a good fantasy read in the spring.

5) Foolish Hearts by: Emma Mills

I got this book in my December Owlcrate.  I don’t really know too much about this book other than it has something to do with A Midsummer Night’s Dream which is one of my favorite works by Shakespeare.  I’m not sure when I’ll get to this book, but you can expect a review when I do.

6) Shadow Girl by: Liana Liu

This book came in my December Bookish Box.  I know this book is a thriller so I’ve been trying not to read the synopsis so I can go into the book not knowing much.

7) The Afterlife of Holly Chase by: Cynthia Hand

I bought this book right before Christmas with intentions of reading it before the holiday.  With this book being a Christmas Carol retelling I figured it would be a great holiday read.  But since I got so busy I guess I’ll have to wait until next year to read it.

8) Scythe by: Neil Shusterman

My brother started reading this book a bit ago and highly recommended it to me, and I knew he had a copy of the book that I could borrow.  But my amazing boyfriend bought the book for me for Christmas.  I can’t wait to read this book as it has such an interesting synopsis.

9) The Lord of the Rings Boxed Set by: J.R.R. Tolkien

So there’s a funny story with these books.  My boyfriend and I went to Barnes & Noble and I saw him fawning over a big bind-up of all the Lord of the Rings books.  Long story short I bought it for him later on for Christmas, so we both bought each other the same books for Christmas.  I’ve wanted this set forever as I see it in a lot of Instagram posts of the people who I follow and the books are so cute!

10) Ash Princess by: Laura Sebastion

I go this book in a trade on Twitter, and I so happy that I was able to get it!  This is one of my most anticipated reads of 2018.  And the cover looks absolutely stunning!!

11) Unearthed by: Amie Kaufman & Maegen Spooner

This is another book that I got through a trade.  Again, this book is one of my most anticipated books of 2018.  I haven’t read the Starbound trilogy by these authors yet, but the separate works that I have read by them were amazing.  Plus I love a really good sci-fi novel.

12) This Adventure Ends by: Emma Mills

This book was a total cover buy for me.  I dont’ really know anything about the premise other than there is a road trip and expensive paintings involved.  I think I may just go into this book not knowing much because I love reading books that way sometimes.

13) I See London, I See France by: Sarah Mlynowski

I’ve heard so many good things about this book that when I had a little extra money I just had to pick it up.  I think I’m going to save this book for the summer time or when I take a road trip because I think it will be a perfect read for then.

And there you have it, all the books I got in December.  I know this list is coming out really late, but it’s been a crazy few weeks, but I’m hoping that now I’ll be able to blog a bit more regularly.

November Book Haul ’17

Holy ARCs Batman!!  I feel so blessed to have gotten as many books as I have this past month.  I was able to go to Yallfest again this year, and I never expected to walk away with as many books as I did.  A huge majority of this list are books that I got there or while in Charleston, SC.  On a side note, Yallfest is so much fun as you get to meet authors and converse with other book nerds.  I would highly recommend going if you haven’t already!  Anyways, let’s get to this list cause it’s a long one.

1&2) Renegades by: Marissa Meyer

This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2017.  The day it came out, I rushed to my local Barnes & Noble and got their special edition and quickly packed it away for Yallfest.  When I was waiting in line for Laini Taylor on Friday evening, a girl ahead of me had a copy of Renegades, but it was blood-red under the dust jacket.  My copy on the other hand was blue.  I politely asked her how she got a red book, and she said she got the Target edition which was red with a foil stamped cover.  This book was GORGEOUS!  Later that night I drove to two different Targets just to get a copy so I could have it signed along with my Barnes & Noble one.  Best decision ever!

3) Into the Bright Unknown by: Rae Carson

This is the third and final book in the Walk On Earth A Stranger trilogy.  I don’t know much about this series other than it follows a girl who can sense gold in the ground and lives during the Gold Rush.  Now that I have the complete series, I may start it soon as I’m having major western withdrawals after finishing Retribution Rails.

4) A Darker Shade of Magic (B&N Special Edition) by: V.E. Scwab

I have not read this series yet. *Que the throwing of rotten tomatoes*  I get it, I get it.  This series is amazing, I just haven’t had the time to pick it up yet.  Even though I haven’t read it, I just had to have this gorgeous Barnes & Noble edition for my shelves.

5) City of Bones (10th Anniversary Edition) by: Cassandra Clare

When I first found out this book was going to be a thing I just about cried.  While it was the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy that got me seriously into reading, it was City of Bones that solidified my love of Young Adult books.  I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of this book/series.  My paperback copy of this book is very well-worn and tattered from having read and reread this book so many times.  Plus, because I got this book at Yallfest I was able to get it signed by Cassandra Clare!!  For your information, I fangirled is hard-core.

6) Ink by: Alice Broadway

This was the first ARC I got at Yallfest and it was totally by chance.  I had just gotten out of the Maggie Stiefvater signing and was frantically trying to pack my newly signed books away in a safe place.  I was doing this while standing next to the I Read YA booth where they were currently giving this book away.  I just happened to look up as a girl handed me a copy with a smile.  I took it in my rush thinking it was some kind of sampler that I may not really look at, but when I got to the next signing line I realized it really was an ARC.  And, man, does it sound good!  For every event, achievement, and failing in these characters lives is etched on their skin in the form of a tattoo.  I’m very excited to read this book and review it for y’all.

7) Between the Blade and the Heart by: Amanda Hocking

This is another ARC that I got at Yallfest, and I know next to nothing about it.  I may keep it that way as I’ve always loved going into books blind.  The cover looks really awesome though!

8) Naondel by: Maria Turtschaninoff

My mom was able to grab this ARC for me while I was waiting in line for Yallfest.  The only thing I know about it is it’s a prequel to another book by the same author.  I’m not entirely sure that I will read this book, but I will make sure to review it if I do.

9) American Panda by: Gloria Chao

I’ve heard a lot of people talking about this book and how they cannot wait for its release.  I was so excited to see that my mom was able to snag me a copy at Yallfest.  This book sounds so cute and heartfelt.

10) The Greed by: Scott Bergstrom

This is yet another ARC I got at Yallfest.  I don’t really want to know anything about this book as it is the second book in a series and I have not read the first one.  I will make sure to read and review both of those books for y’all though :).

11) In Her Skin by: Kim Savage

This book was one of my must-gets while I was at Yallfest.  I knew I just had to get it no matter what lengths I had to go through.  Back in May or June I read Here Lies Daniel Tate and this book sounds so similar to that, but the main character is a girl instead of a guy.  If this book is anything like Here Lies Daniel Tate, I’m gonna be one happy reader.

12) Not If I Save You First by: Ally Carter

A dad who is a Secret Service agent, the president’s son as your best friend, and the wilderness of Alaska makes this book so intriguing.  I really had no idea what this book was about when I picked it up at Yallfest, but after reading the synopsis I HAVE to read this book!  I think it will be a fun thriller to read over the winter months.

13) Bookish Boyfriends by: Tiffany Schmidt

What if you could date all the heroes from the story books?  When Merrilee, her best friend, and sister transfer to a different school, it seems like all the boys that attend are straight from the pages of her books.  But she finds out that some first impressions can be deceiving.  Another ARC that I got at Yallfest and it sounds so good!  There are so many bookish boys that I would date if I could.

14) The Accidental Bad Girl by: Maxine Kaplan

With her reputation in tatters going into her senior year of high school, Kendall also finds out her online identity has been stolen and shes been framed for stealing from a drug dealer.  Kendall must find out who she truly is, but not everyone is who the seem.  Yet another ARC I got while at Yallfest that has my interest piqued.  It sounds like another fun winter read.

15) Dating Disasters of Emma Nash by: Chloe Seager

I’ve heard this book is really funny so when I got the chance to get it at Yallfest I jumped on it.  After reading the synopsis and the first page I can already relate to the main character as I’ve had a similar situation happen to me.  I really think I’m gonna like this book!

16) Sky In the Deep by: Adrienne Young

This book has been on my radar ever since I first heard about it being published.  So many people have been talking about this book, and when I heard that they were going to be giving away some copies at Yallfest I made it a point to be waiting in that line.  Thankfully I was able to snag a copy!  The one thing that really drew me to this book were these few lines, “Eelyn’s world is war. Raised to fight in a generations-old blood feud, her life changes forever when she sees her brother on the battlefield, fighting side by side with the enemy.  The Brother she watched die five years ago.”  If those lines don’t get you interested in a book I have no idea what will.

17) Your Name Vol. 1 by: Makoto Shinkai

I saw the movie that this manga is based on this past April, and I absolutely loved it!  I knew that if they ever made a manga I just had to get it!

18) The Dire King by: William Ritter

As the conclusion to one of my most favorite Sherlock reimagining series, this book was another one of my most anticipated reads.  I was able to get an eARC through Netgalley , and was able to read the book prior to its release.  I had been meaning to buy the book once it came out, but I didn’t get the chance to until I was down in Charleston.  I’m sad that this series ended, but I’m happy that I now have this book on my shelf.

19) The Mortal Instruments Graphic Novel Vol. 1 by: Cassandra Clare Illustrations by: Cassandra Jean

It has to do with the Mortal Instruments, need I say more?  Seriously though, I had to have it because not only is it the graphic novel version of one of my all time favorite books, but Cassandra Jean drew the comic!  Her work is absolutely amazing!

20) Rosemarked by: Livia Blackburne

Zivah is a healer, but she cannot heal herself, so when she catches the  deadly rose plague she knows she doesn’t have long.  She’s forced into isolation until a threat to her village creates a need that only she can fill.  She is thrust together on a high-stakes mission with a soldier seeking vengeance.  They must learn to work together and find a common ground to protect those they love.  This book sounds like such a good fantasy with a little bit of a political edge.

21) Ally by: Anna Banks

I got this book for free at the Charleston Library with the exchange of a ticket I got at Yallfest.  I was extremely happy that a library would have an event like this and I wanted to go to support it.  I love libraries and I really like to support them in any way I can so that others can have the chance to use them as well.  I didn’t want to read the synopsis though because this is the second book in the Nemesis series and I have yet to read the first book.

22) The Fate of the Tearling by: Erika Johansen

SO I have had the first two books in this series on my shelf for the longest time, but I have no idea why I had not picked up the third and final book until now.  Either way, now I have it and I can binge the series one of these days. 🙂

23) Godsgrave by: Jay Kristoff

People have been raving about this series for a while now and I figured I would at least start getting the series so I can read them down the line.  I’ve read some of Jay’s other books (Illuminae & Gemina) and I loved them so I’m hoping I love this series as well.

24) The Glass Spare by: Lauren DeStefano

I received this book in my November Owlcrate.  I have not read the synopsis yet, but I have heard some great things about Lauren’s writing, so I hope I like it.  Plus this book came with an Owlcrate exclusive cover that is drop-dead gorgeous!

25) Bad Girls With Perfect Faces by: Lynn Weingarten

What measures would you go through to prevent your best friend from getting back together with their cheating ex?  Sasha poses as a boy online to lure Ivy, the ex-girlfriend, away from her best friend Xavier.  But things go sickeningly wrong and Sasha must learn to be careful who you pretend to be because you might just become them.  This books sounds like it will be filled with some gloriously gut-wrenching twists and turns.  I can’t wait to read it!

26) Things I’m Seeing Without You by: Peter Bognanni

After Jonah’s suicide, Tess Fowler continues to write to him as a way to cope with her grief and confusion.  She also finds solace in working with her father in one place that you wouldn’t think could help, a funeral home with one of his prized clients being a racehorse.  As his clientele grows they both find comfort in each other and the clients they serve.  This book reminds me a bit of 13 Reasons Why and I Was Here, which is one of the reasons why I bought it.

27) City of Brass by: S.A. Chakraborty

I got this beautiful UK ARC copy in my November Illumicrate.  This book sounds like such an enchanting and adventurous read.  It sounds like the perfect winter read!

28) The Defiant by: Lesley Livingston

Last year I was able to get an ARC copy of The Valiant, and I’m thrilled that I was able to snag an ARC copy of the second book in the series!  I’m so ready for more adventures of the female gladiators!

29) Batman: Nightwalker by: Marie Lu

When I found out that a bunch of YA authors were writing some books about the DC heroes I knew I just had to try to get these books.  I’m so thankful that I was able to get this book through a trade on Twitter.  After reading Warcross a few months ago, I desperately need more of Marie Lu’s books.  Stay tuned for the review on this book!

30) The Traitor’s Game by: Jennifer A. Nielsen

I’ve seen this book on a few social media sites, but I still have no real idea what it’s about.  But when I got the chance to pick this up and get it signed by the author at Yallfest I couldn’t say no.  I can’t wait to get to this book and find out what it’s about.  The cover is drop dead gorgeous though.

31) Hope Nation by: Various YA Authors

This was one of those ARCs that I really thought it was a sampler when I first picked it up due to its smaller size.  Only on closer inspection did I realize that it was actually an ARC for an anthology where multiple authors write essays with messages of hope and inspiration.  I cannot tell y’all enough how excited I am for this as there are going to be some big name authors that contribute to this book.  The little bit that I’ve read is absolutely amazing.  I can tell that this book is going to be something special!

*Phew* *furiously rubs sweat from forehead* That was a LOT of books!  Thanks for staying with me to read all of this!  I never was expecting to get this many books in one month let alone not really have to pay for that many of them.  A huge thanks to all of the publishers and their staff members at Yallfest who put in a lot of hard work to bring a lot of these books into the hands of readers and reviewers.  Y’all can definitely expect a ton of reviews to come in the next few months!

October Book Haul ’17

Yes, I know this is a bit late, but better late than never I always say!  So, in light of my reading slump I have tried to go on a bit of a book buying ban for this month as I have a lot of books I have not read yet, but due to the slump, I have not been able to read much.  Most of these books came from book subscription boxes, and I purchased maybe one in-store and had a couple preorders.

1, 2, & 3) The Language of Thorns by: Leigh Bardugo

I had no intention at all of owning three copies of this book.  I had preordered this book from Barnes & Noble and then I got a copy in my Fairyloot box and another copy in yet another subscription box.  Each copy is unique (US copy has foil stamped cover, Fairyloot copy has red foil lettering, and the other UK copy doesn’t have a dust cover) so I may just end up keeping all of them because you can never have too many books by one of your favorite authors.  I will never be ashamed of owning all the pretty books!

4) An Enchantment of Ravens by: Margaret Rogerson

I’ve heard quite a few good things about this book which made me get it.  Plus, this cover is to die for.  It also sounds a little bit like A Court of Thorns and Roses, of which I absolutely loved!  I’m hoping this book lives up to the hype around it.

5) Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by: Julie C. Dao

I got this book in my Page Habit subscription box for the month of October.  I  love this particular box because the main book that comes with it has annotated notes from the author.  I cannot wait to read this book and see all of the notes that Julie left throughout this copy.

6) Turtles All the Way Down by: John Green

I’m not exactly the biggest John Green fan out there, but when I saw that my local BJ’s had a signed copy of this book I figured that I would just get it.  I have read a few of John Green’s other books, but they were kind of hit or miss for me.  I’ve heard that this is one of his best books yet, so I’ll just have to read it and see what I think.

7) Cradle and All by: James Patterson

This is another book that I saw at BJ’s and thought the synopsis was fairly interesting so I got it.  In short, there are two girls, each virgins and pregnant, one carries the christ and the other the anti-christ.  As natural disasters increase all over the world, both girls must face their fate in this battle for light and darkness.  It sounds like a book with an epic story that may just keep me on the edge of my seat.

8) Wild Beauty by: Anna-Marie McLemore

I received this book in my October Owlcrate, and I do not anything about this book at all.  I may try to keep it that way as I do love going into some books knowing absolutely nothing at all.

9) Retribution Rails by: Erin Bowman

This book was one of my most anticipated releases of 2017.  I even had it preordered as soon as it was available online.  I read Erin’s other book, Vengeance Road, last year and I had been impatiently awaiting the companion novel.  not only is this book cover absolutely gorgeous, the story itself is amazing as well!  Stay tuned for my review on this book!

10) This Darkness Mine by: Mindy McGinnis

This is yet another book that I got in a subscription box that I know absolutely nothing about.  I read A Madness So Discreet by Mindy a few months back and liked that book, but I didn’t really love it.  I do like Mindy’s writing style, so here’s to hoping that this book is better than the last one I read of hers.

While I didn’t get too many books this month, I feel like I got a bunch I will enjoy when I get around to them.  I think I’m going to try to keep up with this kind of ban and only get the books from subscription boxes, but we’ll see how well that goes over.  Maybe sometime soon I’ll finally be over this reading slump, and I’ll actually be able to read some of these new books I get.  I’m also going to start blocking out time to read and blog so that y’all will actually get to hear from me more consistently! Yay!!