Top 10 Mothers in YA

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish in June 2010. This feature was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We’d love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!
This is a tribute to all the moms in YA literature and all that they do for their childern.  As I was making this list I realized a lot of main characters do not have a mother, father, or any parents at all.  I honestly don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my supportive parents in my life.  Without further ado, here are the moms I want to talk about:

1) The Secret of a Heart Note by: Stacey Lee

Mimosa’s mother isn’t always right there by her side, but you can tell that she absolutely loves her daughter and wants to protect her from things that will hurt her.  She can be a bit nitpicky at times, but she is really trying to keep Mim’s best interest at heart.

2) City of Bones by: Cassandra Clare

Watch me try to dodge spoilers on this one lol.  Yes, I know Clary’s mom isn’t really there all the time, but she still has a huge impact on Clary.  She really just wants to shield her daughter from the horrors that she faced in her past.  Also Clary has a really strong bond with her as she was only raised by her mother.  Heres to the strong single moms out there!

3) Immaculate by: Katelyn Detweiler

Some of you may not have heard of this book before as it didn’t get much hype when it came out. But none the less Mrs. Is an amazing mother.  When she finds out that her teenage daughter is pregnant, she doesn’t freak out but rather stands by her daughter and believes what she tells her.  That’s a very supportive mother right there!

4) Divergent by: Veronica Roth

This one is very sad, but I won’t say too much so to avoid spoilers again.  Sometimes mothers will literally give their all to make sure that their children are safe.  Moment of silence for those mothers lost.

5) Passenger by: Alexandra Bracken

I couldn’t make this list and not mention Etta’s mother. Rose isn’t the best of mothers, but you can really see where Etta get her determination and wit from.  Too many spoilers to dodge so I’m just gonna be quite now lol.

6) Hush Hush by: Becca Fitzpatrick

Nora’s mother Is another that isn’t always there, but she pretty much raised Nora on her own which has got to count for something.

7) Cinder by: Marissa Meyer

Now I definitely cannot say this about all stepmothers, but sometimes they can be bad.  I know a lot that really stepped up to the plate and loved their stepchildren like one of their own, but Cinder’s stepmother does not fit that bill.

8) Rot and Ruin by: Jonathan Maberry

This is yet another sad cirumstance.  Benny and Tom’s mother was so protective of her children htat she gave it all for them.  I can remember bawling my eyes out reading a certain scene that dealt with these boys mother.  If you’ve read this book then you know what scene I’m talking about and you can blubber along with me.

9) Marked by: P.C. Cast

This is a shoutout to all the grandmothers out there.  Zoey has one of the best grandmothers in YA that I have read about.  Grandma Redbird is so sweet and kind to Zoey and accepts her for who she truly is.  The world needs more grandmothers like her.

10) The Hunger Games by: Suzanne Collins

Last, but not least, we have Katniss and Primrose’s mother.  You may be asking me why I would put her on this list, but honestly there are so many mothers like this out there.  Ther are there in body, but not in mind and it causes their kids to have to grow up too soon to be able to care for themselves.  It makes me sad that this happens in real life, but they are still mothers even if they don’t do the greatest job at being one.

I had a lot of fun compiling this list for y’all!  I hope you had a great weekend and Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers and grndmothers out there!