Review Policies

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to visit this page. Are you an author or publisher interested in information about sending me a book for review? You’re at the right place! I am a huge reader: my bedroom has become a maze of book piles! I would love love love to read and review your book!

What I value in my reviews:
I will be completely honest about why I liked or did not like a book. Honesty is very important not only when it pertains to readers but also for the authors and publishers. I wouldn’t ever what to lie about a book!

My reviews can be a little long winded, but I always get to the point!  If you send me a book for review, that is a lot of effort on your part! As for my part, I will write the best possible review persuading my followers to read your book or offering pointers on why the book did not appeal to me. It will not be a short review with barely any thought.

Marketing! I have an Instagram account (See here)that I will post a short summary of your book and direct my followers to my blog post review! My goal is to introduce your book to as many people as possible. I am also a part of a few book related clubs that I would love to share my reviews with and point other members to new books.

Review Copy
I am open to almost any genre! I love Young Adult, Fantasy, and Science Fiction books! I am also open to others. Historical Fiction, some Nonfiction, and Realistic Fiction.
As for the copy itself, I own an e-reader so I can read and review an ebook, but I am a sucker for hard copies of books, whether that be paperback or hardcover. Please contact me if your only copy is an ebook and I will consider it. I much prefer paperbacks and hardcovers though.
Finally, thank you for being an author. My goal is to someday publish a book of my own and I love getting to gain more knowledge in the publishing field by working with authors and publishing companies! I will do my absolute best to help you spread your book to more readers because I know how much effort goes into both writing a book and getting it published. Congratulations for publishing your book and for being someone I really look up to!
Thank you!